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Five best tips for buying Wi-Fi camera | D-link Technical Support Canada

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In case you are not present in your office or home, security can be a major concern especially if you have expensive items or information. One of the ways is to have the best Wi-Fi camera installed inside the premises to keep an eye on who is entering your place of work or relaxation and link the feed to the device of your choice. The network or Wi-Fi cameras do not need a cable television setup or additional cable to work. These simply connect to your existing network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi using a laptop or a tablet.

Once these are connected then you can access live stream from any connected device. These are the most flexible system of keeping an eye on whoever is present inside your home. Just connect it to your smartphone or tablet and you are good to go. Wi-Fi cameras are the best solution if you are a business owner, it can help keep your business data secure from unauthorized access.

The experts at the DLink Router Support Canada are here to provide you the necessary assistance to keep your home and business secured.

What type of Wi-Fi cameras are available in the market for keeping my business secured?

The DLink Support experts have come up with three basic categories of Wi-Fi cameras that provide different features to users. These have been described below in details;

Entry Level
All entry level W-Fi cameras are small in size and perfect for home users. These are designed with an easy setup and connect effortlessly to the wireless network. Some of the key features available with these include;

  • Capability of checking the camera feed via iPhone®, Android®, Windows device or tablet
  • Wireless capability and compact size for ease of placement
  • Low cost so you can purchase enough cameras to cover multiple areas

Professional Level
These are expensive and offer upgraded features to integrate them with a dedicated alarm and sensor system. Professional level Wi-Fi cameras offer additional features like;
  • Designed for permanent installation, with durable, rugged housing
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Output for alarm and access control systems

What are the tips that I need to look for when purchasing a Wi-Fi camera for my business requirements?

The DLink Router Customer Support Canada have a list of features that you should consider when looking to buy a Wi-Fi camera for your home or business. Kindly keep the following parameters in mind;

1.     Internet Access
Some cameras do require special software to access the camera video feed. Computer systems that have this software are the only ones on which the feed can be viewed. However, the DLink Wi-Fi cameras offer flexibility as the video feed can be seen via internet browser so that a person can access the camera both remotely and locally from any computer system. Let the DLink Support experts guide you in knowing more about the Wi-Fi cameras available with DLink.

2.     Mobile Application
It is not possible that you always have access to a computer or laptop system. But, a smartphone is something that you keep close even when you are sleeping. Hence, it is a good idea to have a mobile application for the Wi-Fi camera for viewing the video feed despite of your geographical location. The DLink Wi-Fi camera mobile interface is easy to use and provides cross-platform access for android, iOS devices. Let the DLink Router Support Canada guide you in knowing more about how you can use this feature to your advantage.

3.     Night Vision
Some Wi-Fi cameras offer low-light illumination with infrared lighting feature. With the DLink Wi-Fi cameras, you can easily view video footage even at night. The advanced infrared lighting is invisible to the human eye and allows the camera a crystal clear view in complete darkness. Connect with the highly trained DLink Tech Support experts to know how to activate the Night Vision mode.

4.     Motion Sensing
In case you choose to record footage when motion is detected, you can save space and know which footage to view. Select the camera that will make it easier to set the motion trigger and also set recording timetable to record what you want to see. You can contact our DLink Technical Support Canada to know more on Motion Sensing.

5.     Sound Detection
If you are looking to keep an eye on what goes on inside your home after you leave for office, a camera with sound detection feature is the perfect option for you. The DLink Wi-Fi cameras offer automatic email alert and options to configure sound detection for a specific area. Want to know how to set this option on? Connect with the DLink Customer Support to know more.

Want to get the best Wi-Fi camera for keeping your home and office secured? Connect with the DLink Router Support Canada experts via toll-free number at (1-888-479-2017). Also, you can write about your issue to our experts at.


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